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NASA Concludes Attempts To Contact Mars Rover Spirit- An End Of A Story

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According to NASA, it is ending attempts to regain contact with the long-lived Mars Exploration Rover Spirit, which last communicated on March 22, 2010.

MIT Researchers Succeed In Spinning New Materials In A Diode Thread

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Researchers at MIT have succeeded in making a fine thread that functions as a diode, a device at the heart of modern electronics. This new technique could enable creation of a variety of fiber-based electronic and photonic devices.

Paraplegic Man Can Stand and Move Legs Voluntarily- Caltech Research, a Ray of Hope

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Sustained electrical stimulation of the spinal cord neurons and locomotor training sessions for over 26 months enabled a paraplegic man to achieve full weight-bearing standing with assistance and achieve control of some leg movements.

This remarkable research result was published online today in the highly reputed medical journal The Lancet.

Eating Increases with Video Game Playing in Teens- A Cause for Teen Obesity?

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A new study shows that playing video game increases food intake in teens and suggests that this could be one reason for increasing obesity incidence seen in the teens.

Plastic Products Used by Children Leach Toxic Substances

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Five out of 13 plastic products intended for children leach toxic substances, and a third of all products tested also released toxic substances.  A study conducted by scientists at the University of Gothenburg reveals this disturbing news.

Solar Panels With 95 Percent Efficiency Made by U of Missouri Researcher

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Currently available solar panels only collect about 20 percent of available light. Energy conversion efficiency is a major problem facing solar energy applications.  Now, a University of Missouri engineer has developed a flexible solar sheet that captures more than 90 percent of available light, and he plans to make prototypes available to consumers within the next five years.

Landing Jet Struck by Lightning at Heathrow- Awesome Picture

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An awesome example of nature’s power on a stormy night in London.  As the Airbus A380 flight came into Heathrow, a jagged bolt of lightning smashed into the roof, right above the pilots’ heads.

Pep Rally for Young Scientists? Intel ISEF International Science Fair Begins

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We don’t conduct pep rallies for students going to science or math team competitions.  May be it is time to consider one!  1500 cream of the crop of high school students from around the world will compete at the Intel ISEF international science fair this week in Los Angeles California.