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The "invisible" world, Kepler-19c

in technology

NASA's Kepler spacecraft has spotted a planet that alternately runs late and early in its orbit because a second, "invisible" world is tugging on it. This is the first definite detection of a previously unknown planet using this method. No other technique could have found the unseen companion.

Technology to double throughput on wireless networks developed

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Is your iPhone too slow to upload video?  The new "full-duplex" technology developed at Rice University allows wireless devices like cell phones and electronic tablets to both "talk" and "listen" to wireless cell towers on the same frequency - something that requires two frequencies today.

Mars Express data show more evidence of past wet climate on Mars

in technology

According to the European Space agency, a recently spotted delta on Mars by the Mars Express is a reminder of Mars' past, wetter climate.

Mars Express is a space exploration mission being conducted by the European Space Agency for exploring the planet Mars.

Transfusion of Cell Culture-Generated Red Blood Cells - Blood Banks to go Obsolete?

in technology, medicine

A new study indicates that a day may come when we will not need a blood bank!  A research group in France has successfully generated red blood cells from stem cells and injected back to the same individual. This awesome  achievement demonstrates the clinical feasibility of a stem cell-based alternative to donor blood derived red blood cells. 

Fighting cancer with implanted oxygen electrode - a nano leap

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Solid tumors are hard to kill.  Researchers have now developed miniature devices that can be implanted in tumors to generate oxygen, boosting the killing power of radiation and chemotherapy.

Bioethanol from Cellulose - Plant Matter to Replace Oil as a Fuel Source

in technology, biology

Researchers identified the molecular mechanism behind an enzyme found in fungi which can degrade the cellulose chains of plant cell walls to release shorter sugars for biofuels.

Matching Images of Brain Activity with Complex Thought

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Can you get a text output of your thoughts? Princeton scientists show that it is possible to generate text about the mental content reflected in brain images. Recent work has shown that it is possible to take brain images acquired during viewing of a scene and reconstruct an approximation of the scene from those images. 

Sutureless Method for Joining Blood Vessels - A Surgical Revolution?

in technology, medicine, biology

A Stanford University surgical research team used a poloxamer gel and bioadhesive rather than a needle and thread to join together blood vessels, a procedure called vascular anastomosis.  An anastomosis is the technique by which two hollow body structures, such as blood vessels, are joined together.