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Renewable Carbon Dioxide Sponge - Promising Material For Carbon Fixation!

in technology

Concerned about adding too much carbon dioxide to the atmosphere? Consider a roof top coating on your car with this new material!

Researchers report the development of a strong and reversible sponge-like material to capture and store gaseous carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is considered a green house gas and its control is a pressing environmental problem.

Foldit Gamers Solve Protein Folding Puzzle

in technology, medicine, biology, omics

According to a research report, following the failure to solve the crystal structure of a retroviral enzyme by conventional methods, Foldit game players were challenged to produce accurate models. Online gamers solved the structure of the retrovirus enzyme whose configuration had stymied scientists.

Inorganic Chemical Cells - Creating ‘Life’ Without Carbon Bonds

in technology, biology

Scientists at the University of Glasgow say they have taken their first tentative steps towards creating ‘life’ from inorganic chemicals potentially defining the new area of ‘inorganic biology’.

Magnetic Fluid Pump With No Moving Parts

in technology

In a study published today in Physical Review B, researchers demonstrate for the first time an approach that allows ferrofluids to be pumped by magnetic fields alone. The invention could lead to new applications for this mysterious material.

Data capacity of cell signal is lower than the signal from a dial-up modem

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This might sound strange or unbelievable, but researchers say that the data capacity of cell signal is lower than the signal from a dial-up modem. 

Discovery of 16 super-Earths announced by European Southern Observatory

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European Southern Observatory announced the discovery of more than 50 new exoplanets, including 16 super-Earths, one of which orbits at the edge of the habitable zone of its star.

This is the largest number of such planets ever announced at one time.

Fast-growing brown algae to boost energy storage in lithium-ion battery

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Researchers have identified a promising new binder material for lithium-ion battery electrodes that not only could boost energy storage, but also eliminate the use of toxic compounds now used to manufacture the components.

Lithium ion batteries can be charged super-fast - Oak Ridge National scientists

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Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists have discovered a method to charge lithium ion batteries to 50 percent of full capacity in six minutes while the traditional graphite-based lithium ion battery would be just 10 percent charged at the same current.