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Caltech-Led Team of Astronomers Finds 18 New Planets

in technology

The recent discovery of 18 planets by scientists at the Caltech is the largest collection of confirmed planets around stars more massive than the sun.

Imperfect Graphene Makes Better Chemical Sensors

in technology, environment

A new study shows that chemical sensors made with less perfect graphene may have better sensitivity. Researchers produced graphene chemical sensors with either near-perfect structures or deliberatively defective structures and found that the graphene sensors with edges and line defects were more sensitive in detecting gas analytes. 

How Silkworms Beat Polymer Scientists - The Aquamelt Secret

in technology, biology, omics

A new research shows us how silkworms beat materials scientists by spinning silk with minimum energy expenditure. Scientists demonstrate that natural silks are a thousand times more efficient than synthetic polymers when it comes to forming fibers. 

Foldit Gamers Strike Again - Creative Power Of Foldit Gamers Unraveled

in technology, biology

Researchers now reveal the creative power of Foldit players' strategies and compare them to the best-known scientist-developed methods. This report follows a recent paper on solving the crystal structure of a monomeric retroviral protease by protein folding game players.   

Janus Triad - Janus particles inspired by an ancient Roman god

in technology

The two-faced Roman god Janus has inspired a class of unique particles that possess two different sides or surfaces of different chemistry or polarity. Researchers now report the synthesis of three different Janus topologies from one single specific triblock copolymer.

Molecular Pentafoil Knot - Tying molecules in knots

in technology

Scientists now report the synthesis of the most complex non-DNA molecular knot prepared to date. They created a 160-atom-loop with five crossing points, a molecular pentafoil knot. The molecular knot created is a self-assembly of five bis-aldehyde and five bis-amine building blocks about five metal cations (Iron) and one chloride anion.

Robotic Bug DASH With Wings Teaches Evolution Of Flight

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A six-legged robotic bug, DASH, outfitted with wings to improve its mobility unexpectedly shed some light on the evolution of flight.

Watching Electrons In Molecules During A Chemical Reaction

in technology

A research group has now, for the first time, visualized the motion of electrons during a chemical reaction. The new findings in the experiment are of fundamental importance for photochemistry and could also assist the design of more efficient solar cells.