Who uses Twitter? Twitter aims to reach 1 billion users!

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DigitalTrends reports that Twitter aims to reach 1 billion users. Twitter started as a powerful tool replacing email and is still a powerful tool used by many. But for an average guy who follows couple of hundred people, his inbox will be cluttered.

It will be difficult to find out whether there is any important message at all. Specially when one or two of you follow keep pumping out tweets every other minute. I have a twitter account too. I follow about 300 people and I have about 170 followers. My home page gets a tweet at an average of about 30 seconds. Do I have the time to look through this? Some of us use twitter account to popularize our websites, blog or business. That means, the more followers the better. How do you get these followers? Some people follow others using certain keywords in the hope that they would follow you eventually. This lead to the mushrooming of software that let you follow and unfollow people in hundreds. You follow ten thousand and you get ten thousand. The number of tweets that flood your home page will be beyond imagination if you have over couple of hundred followings. So who reads the tweet? No one! It is said that some businesses and bloggers effectively use it to keep an active following. Yet, I wonder, in the billion twitter accounts, how may will be actually put to use! Well, according to DigitalTrends: Twitter co-founders, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, were front stage yesterday before an audience at San Francisco's Commonwealth Club to answer questions about Twitter and its future.

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