Signature of Autism Can Be Seen In the Brain

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Autism is a spectrum of disorders possibly involving multiple culprit genes.  Such a fundamental biological diversity in disease pathogenesis makes the understanding of this disease scientifically challenging. 

In a recent study published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences a group of scientists report that specific brain signatures can differentiate autistic children from their unaffected siblings.

 The authors also characterized neural signatures of the state of having autism spectrum disorders and the underlying trait of vulnerability to develop autism spectrum  disorders.

They employed functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to study these patients and healthy controls. The imaging revealed disruptions in brain function which could have been caused by functional variation in the disease-related genes. 

Children were scanned while viewing coherent and scrambled point-light displays of biological motion created from motion capture data. The coherent biological motion displays featured an adult male actor performing movements relevant to early childhood experiences, such as playing pat-a-cake. The scrambled motion animations were created by randomly selecting 16 points from the biological motion displays and plotting their trajectories on a black background.

According the authors the presence of the unique signatures, elicited by the viewing of socially relevant biological motion, emphasizes the importance of brain mechanisms in social perception as well as the dysfunction of these mechanisms in this neurodevelopmental disorder.

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Signature of Autism Can Be Seen In the Brain
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Science Story Reference: 

 Kaiser et al, PNAS. Nov 2010

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Signature of Autism

The picturing revealed disruptions in brain duty which could someone been caused by useful dancing in the disease-related genes.
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Autism Diagnosis with signature images

Such non-invasive procedures are promising

There was a recent science

There was a recent science news story suggesting that children with autism have a different chemical fingerprint in their urine than non-autistic children. When all these techniques are combined, an early diagnosis of the disease may be possible. The report is that "it is possible to distinguish between autistic and non-autistic children by looking at the by-products of gut bacteria and the body's metabolic processes in the children's urine".

It is likely help in

It is likely help in diagnosis as patients can be scanned by fMRI and the results can be used to confirm the case.

This is a new and interesting

This is a new and interesting development

How is going to help in the

How is going to help in the diagnosis of autosim? Will it help in treatment of autism?