Should America Go For High-Speed Rail Road?

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Trains are more energy efficient than cars. But we hesitate to use trains for commuting. I remember the days I sat in my car in heavy traffic between Milwaukee and Chicago.

A high speed rail from Milwaukee to Chicago might solve part of the traffic problem. How about a high speed rail between Washington DC and Philedelphia or Washington DC and New York? Let me quote from Wikepedia "In contrast to Shanghai's Maglev airport train which averages 156 mph (250 km/h) over a 30 km track or the even faster French TGV which routinely averages speeds of 173 mph (277 km/h), Amtrak's Acela Express averages a speed of 63 mph (101 km/h) between Boston and New York City, and a brisker 79 mph (126 km/h) between New York City and Washington, D.C". Dones America look like a third world country here? Additonally, our roads are crumbling, our pipe lines are aging, our electricity lines are outdated. Now the question is should we invest in railroad or fix the aging infrastructure? We might not have been in this position if we had a long term plan and if money was put into infrastructure when it had to be. 10 or 20 years from now, if we look around for a faster way to communte, there will not be one unless we invest in such projects now. Wouldn't it be a good idea to forsee the need and start investing in high speed rails, high speed internet and renewable energy? Well it may be argued that instead of spending, this money may be given back to people. I remember getting $600 check few years ago from the Government. Looking back I think it would have been better spent if that money was invested in fixing our roads or building some schools. Because i just blew it up on a TV made in China! Some times increasing debt may be good in the long term! Just my thoughts.

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