The Search for Heaven Where He Resides

in technology, biology

In search of life we send probes far and wide in the universe and examine pictures of planets reachable by our telescopes. So far we have not identified extraterrestrial life anywhere for certainty.
Is there life outside of earth? If there is, are they more complex than that on the earth? If they have evolved beyond homo sapiens, do they pose danger to us? Our minds are curious and questions are numerous. But there are no answers. We also do not know how life originated. As reported in a recent science news article we go deep under the ocean to study how life can originate and sustain without energy from sun. We want to use this information to study whether life could exist under the ice on Martian surface. Read how John discusses some of the issues on life on other planets in his Space / Astronomy Blog that I visit often. Here are some excerpts from one of his blog postings: "Long has man been fascinated with the possibility of finding life on other worlds. This dream has been the subject of countless movies, books and even chronicled right here by yours truly. But finding another planet fit for life has proven to be no easy task." "This is not to dampen the importance of this discovery however. Because if roughly 1 in 500 exoplanets (the number found so far) could support life, then that means that potentially billions of such worlds could exist in our galaxy. So, one could argue, that statistically speaking, it seems likely that at least one of those billions of worlds would have achieved life. We just need to find it". Read more in his blog at John's Space / Astronomy Blog

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