A new creation story: Beyond religion and science -Deepak Chopra in SFGate

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Stephen Hawking made worldwide news with his sound bite about how the universe was created. Specifically, he said that a Creator is not needed to explain how the universe began.

Behind the sound bite was a deeper insight, which is that one law of nature — gravity — transcends space and time. Therefore, as long as gravity exists, multiple universes can unfold out of nothing. Among scientists this proposition has raised eyebrows and no doubt will be discussed for a long time. But let's look at the larger picture. The discussion about creation has grown stale. On one side science sticks by its basic principles: The laws of nature govern the universe, randomness prevails over any possible pattern or design, and all phenomena, including the human mind, can be reduced to physical properties. On the other side religion sticks to its basic principles: God or the gods created the universe, the hand of the creator can be seen everywhere in nature, and human beings are connected to the divine, giving us a privileged position in the cosmos. Read more: SFGate

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This actually answered my

This actually answered my drawback, thanks!
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