Landing Jet Struck by Lightning at Heathrow- Awesome Picture

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An awesome example of nature’s power on a stormy night in London.  As the Airbus A380 flight came into Heathrow, a jagged bolt of lightning smashed into the roof, right above the pilots’ heads.

The powerful jolt of electricity passed right through the body of the aircraft before shooting out to continue its journey to the ground.  To quote from the yahoo news, among the worst experiences you can have in a plane awaiting clearance to land at a major airport is to be struck by lightning.

"I saw the storm clouds gathering, and I thought conditions would be perfect for a lightning strike," Dawson told the UK Daily Mail.


Astonishingly, the 500 passengers on the plane landed on the ground without incident.  But as David Learmount of the air safety website Flightglobal explained to the Daily Mail, these incidents are fairly routine for airlines. "Planes get hit by lightning several times a year," Learmount said.

Source: Daily Mail

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