iPhone Siri immortalizes the voice of Susan Bennett

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You might have heard about the HeLa cell line that made Henrietta Lacks immortal. Now the voice actor Susan Bennett comes forward and claims the voice of iPhone Siri.  If HeLa cell line was used by thousands of scientists world over, Siri has been popular among millions of iPhone users all over the world, and millions more will keep using her voice to interact with iPhone in years to come. , Siri, the iPhone virtual assistant,  made her voice immortal.

The secret voice behind iPhone Siri was claimed by Susan Bennett in an interview with CNN.  According to her, while her voice was being recorded by Apple, she did not realise how popular it would become or that she would be giving life to Siri and making her voice immortal.

The online version of the interview begins with Susan Bennett speaking: "Hello, I am Susan Bennett.   Probably know me. I am the voice actor who provided the voice for Siri."  She said that the first time she came to know of her existence as Siri was when her friend emailed her asking whether the iPhone Siri voice belongs to her.  When she first discovered that it was her voice, she said "to be honest, it was little creepy."

"I started my life as a machine quite young," Bennett said.  iPhone Siri’s voice is not her first popular recording. During her interview she mentioned about her recordings  for the ATM machines and Delta airlines. Next time when you talk to Siri or hear the voice, "thank you flying with Delta airlines"  in an airport, you might remember this lady, Susan Bennett, who lives outside of Altanta, Georgia, with an immortal voice.

According to CNN, Apple has not confirmed that the voice of Siri is that of Susan Bennett and the company is very secretive of this matter.  Bennett is the voice of Siri in the United States.  CNN reports that she started her voice work in the 1970s. She started  this career  by giving voice to the first ATM machine back in the 1970s.  Apple recorded her voice for Siri in June 2005, she revealed during the interview.

Siri, Apple's virtual personal assistant, was introduced to the public with the launch of iPhone 4s on October 4, 2011. Earlier versions of iphone lacked this functionality. May be she deserves some Apple shares for her outstanding, immortal and priceless contribution to the company.

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