Haunting Past- Japan To Excavate World War II BioWarfare Unit- The Grisly Grave

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Apparently historians and study participants have documented that a unit at a former Japanese medical school conducted experiments on war prisoners.  The government have never acknowledged this, according to Associated Press.

 The investigation is scheduled to begin Monday afternoon the former medical school in Tokyo linked to Unit 731.  It is expected to reveal unpleasant secrets and surprises. A former nurse has revealed about hiding body parts there as American forces reached Tokyo at the end of the war.


According to Associate Press, Health Ministry official Kazuhiko Kawauchi said the excavation is aimed at finding out if anything is buried in the plot.

 "We are not certain if the survey will find anything," Kawauchi said. "If anything is dug up, it may not be related to Unit 731."

 The former nurse, Toyo Ishii, now 88, broke 60 years of silence in 2006, saying she and colleagues at an army hospital at the site were ordered to bury numerous corpses, bones and body parts during the weeks following Japan's Aug. 15, 1945, surrender before American troops arrived in the capital.

 The site is close to another area where a mass grave of dozens of possible war-experiment victims was uncovered in 1989 during the construction of a Health Ministry research institute.

Any remains found at the planned excavation site would have a stronger connection to Unit 731, said Keiichi Tsuneishi, a Kanagawa University history professor and expert on biological warfare.

Source Yahoo News and AP.

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