Floating Ark Housing 10,000 In Catastrophe- A Russian's Prototype

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A Russian has a prototype for housing 10,000 people, in land or in water. Remember the movie 2012 and huge rescue ships? In that movie that pictured the Mayan calendar ending in 2012, a large group of people had to deal with natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, typhoons and glaciers. 

The Russian architect Alexander Remizov has an answer. He thinks that his prototype design, called "The Ark," bears more than a passing resemblance to the classic children's toy, the Slinky. The pictures of the Ark shown below are adapted from CNN.

CNN says "Remizov believes his Ark, designed to be constructed from timber, steel and high-strength ETFE plastic, could be adapted for all kinds of environments and put to a number of different uses, including emergency housing -- its prefabricated structure should allow it to be constructed quickly -- and hotels. He's even suggested a variation with a honeycomb-style hull that can float."

A wind power generator that runs through the center of the building would provide power while the outer surface would be covered with transparent solar panels. If the Ark was built on water, as Remizov suggests, he says it could also utilize thermal water energy.

"The form of a dome promotes the formation of turbulences of air, strengthening the work of wind generators," wrote Remizov in an email to CNN.

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