BushCricket Has The Biggest Testicles

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Cricket has the biggest testicle! It was a new and interesting information. Testicle account for more than 14 percent of the mass of this organism. According to a news item in National Geographic, the tuberous bushcricket has the world's biggest testicle relative to body weight.

The report says: "I was amazed by the size of the testes—they seemed to take up the entire abdomen," said study leader Karim Vahed, a behavioral ecologist at the University of Derby in the U.K.

But the new heavyweight champion doesn't pack much of a punch. The team was surprised to discover that tuberous bushcrickets have smaller ejaculations than bushcricket species with smaller testicles.





Picture adapted from Faqs.org

Significant research across the animal kingdom has shown that male testicle size is correlated to the degree of promiscuity within a given species.

The more partners a female has, the larger the male's testicles are likely to be.

Larger testicles produce more sperm, and a long-standing assumption has been that a kind of numbers game is played out within the female to fertilise her eggs.

The male that provides a higher amount of sperm in that scenario has a higher likelihood of fathering offspring.

Many experiments in vertebrate species - including in our closest primate relatives - have borne out that idea.


The complete news story is available at the National Geographic web site

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