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According to a new article in Scientific American, highly creative people often seem weirder than the rest of us. The article was titled "The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric." The article got posted on reddit and attracted over  comments in 10 hours.

You might have seen the movie A Beautiful Mind, based on the life of John Forbes Nash, Jr., a Nobel Laureate in Economics. The young schizophrenic prodigy John Nash is the one that comes to mind first.

The Scientific American article starts with Dean L. Kamen, an American entrepreneur who invented Segway, an electric, self-balancing vehicle with two parallel wheels.  He dresses exclusively in Denim and "presides over the Connecticut island kingdom of North Dumpling, which has seceded from the U.S. and dispenses its own currency in units of pi."

Another eccentric described is Albert Eistein who picked up cigarette butts off the street to get tobacco for his pipe. 

According to the article "These individuals often see themselves as different and unable to fit in. The latest findings in brain imaging, creativity research and molecular biology suggest that these perceptions are not just based on a few anecdotal accounts of “weird” scientists and artists. In fact, creativity and eccentricity often go hand in hand, and researchers now believe that both traits may be a result of how the brain filters incoming information. Even in the business world, there is a growing appreciation of the link between creative thinking and unconventional behavior, with increased acceptance of the latter."

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The article was posted on Reddit and here are some interesting comments:

I'd like to see an article or a book titled "Survival guide for creative eccentric individuals: How to function in society without conforming." (yir0)

I think a truly creative eccentrique individuel would spell their own wai 2. They would not conform to society's conventions of lexicography! And they would laugh uproariously, maniacally! in the face grammar nazis. Or perhaps in bemusement... what a curious fellow, thinking his rules are right. Hmmm... (9ren)

TIL people who think differently act differently as well. (the_wizard)

This basically tried to sell me an article. Do you all have subscriptions to Scientific America? Because I don't really want to pay $5.99 to read about a guy who is considered 'eccentric' because he wears 'exclusively' denim instead of a suit and tie. (gloomdoom)

So it is good to be eccentric! (MySky)

No, it's good to be creative. Being eccentric without the creativity still won't get you too far  (dat529)



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