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Remarkable similarity between embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells - a UW proteomic study

in medicine, biology, omics

In a new study published in Nature Methods, researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison report the first full measurement of the proteins made by human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells.

Prenatal stress passed across generations and disrupt masculinization of the developing mouse brain

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A new study finds that experiences in the womb can lead to individual differences in stress response that may be passed across generations.  The study shows that sons of male mice exposed to prenatal stress are more sensitive to stress as adults and these mice may have smaller testes.

The study was published in the August 17 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

Glucose meters to be used for food, water and blood chemistry- new study

in technology, environment, medicine, biology, omics

Glucose meters can do more than just measuring blood glucose.  A new invention published in Nature Chemistry claims that glucose meters can be used for the quantitative detection of a broad range of target molecules in blood, water or food.

Modern Human Ancestors Mated With Neanderthals - New Genetic Evidence

in biology, omics

There have been several past reports suggesting interbreeding between modern humans and the Neanderthals. A new study further confirms that Neanderthals and expanding African migrants mated prior to or very early on the way out of Africa leading to the successful colonization of the planet.

Understanding Cancer Energetics-Johns Hopkins researchers solve mystery of Warburg effect

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A new paper published in the journal Cell reports how cancer cells control oxygen utilization. Cancer cells have been known to consume a lot of sugar to stay alive. In fact, where normal, noncancerous cells generate energy from using some sugar and a lot of oxygen, cancerous cells use virtually no oxygen and a lot of sugar.

Largest Biochemical Circuit Built Using Small Synthetic DNA Molecules- A DNA-based Device

in technology, medicine, biology, omics

Caltech researchers say they have built the most complex biochemical circuit ever created from scratch. This biochemical circuit was made with DNA-based devices in a test tube that are analogous to the electronic transistors on a computer chip.

Woolly mammoths mated with Columbian mammoths, a completely different and much larger species

in biology, omics

A new study suggests that woolly mammoth mated with a completely different and much larger species, Columbian mammoth.  This interesting DNA-based finding sheds new light on the complex evolutionary history of the woolly mammoth.

US$800 Billion in Economic Benefits from Human Genome Project Questioned

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According to an article in Nature the high-profile claim that the Human Genome Project and associated research generated almost US$800 billion in economic benefits has been questioned by economists.