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Genome-wide meta-analysis identifies new loci and candidate genes for migraine

in medicine, omics

A research team has identified 12 genetic regions associated with migraine susceptibility using a large-scale genome study. Eight of these regions related to migraine were found in or near genes known to play a role in controlling brain circuitries and two of the regions were associated with genes that are responsible for maintaining healthy brain tissue.

Human artificial chromosome-based vectors in gene therapy

in medicine, biology, omics

In a new research report scientists now describe a combination of direct gene-cloning technology with the human artificial chromosome- based vector for gene delivery. Gene delivery, one of the steps necessary for gene therapy, is the process of introducing foreign genes into host cells. 

How Silkworms Beat Polymer Scientists - The Aquamelt Secret

in technology, biology, omics

A new research shows us how silkworms beat materials scientists by spinning silk with minimum energy expenditure. Scientists demonstrate that natural silks are a thousand times more efficient than synthetic polymers when it comes to forming fibers. 

Breakthrough Finding Could Lead To Production Of Flood-Tolerant Crops

in biology, omics

Two groups of scientists now report that they have discovered how plants sense low oxygen levels to survive flooding – a finding that could lead eventually to the production of high-yielding, flood-tolerant crops, benefiting farmers, markets and consumers everywhere.

Unveiling The Biological Clock - A New Clock Gene From Salk

in biology, omics

Researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies have identified a new component of the biological clock, a gene responsible for starting the biological clock from its restful state every morning. According to Salk Institute, the new discovery fills in a missing link in the molecular mechanisms that control our daily wake-sleep cycle.

Foldit Gamers Solve Protein Folding Puzzle

in technology, medicine, biology, omics

According to a research report, following the failure to solve the crystal structure of a retroviral enzyme by conventional methods, Foldit game players were challenged to produce accurate models. Online gamers solved the structure of the retrovirus enzyme whose configuration had stymied scientists.

Genes that determine coffee drinking

in medicine, biology, omics

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day? Did you know that coffee consumption is a model for addictive behavior? Researchers say they have identified genes that play a role in influencing how much coffee people drink.

Data capacity of cell signal is lower than the signal from a dial-up modem

in technology, medicine, biology, omics

This might sound strange or unbelievable, but researchers say that the data capacity of cell signal is lower than the signal from a dial-up modem.