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Drugs Reward And Alter Brain- How About Overeating?

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If you've ever wondered why it's hard to stay on a diet, consider this observation from Ralph DiLeone, a brain scientist at Yale University: "The motivation to take cocaine in the case of a drug addict is probably engaging similar circuits that the motivation to eat is in a hungry person."

Tumors Make Their Own Blood Vessels- New Implications in Cancer Therapy

in medicine, biology

It was a bit surprising to read that tumors can make their own blood vessels.  Two recent studies published simultaneously in a recent issue of the journal Nature claim that they have confirmed the ability of tumor cells to differentiate into blood vessels that extend the blood ciruculation network to supply nutrients and oxygen to fast growing tumor cells.

Signature of Autism Can Be Seen In the Brain

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Autism is a spectrum of disorders possibly involving multiple culprit genes.  Such a fundamental biological diversity in disease pathogenesis makes the understanding of this disease scientifically challenging. 

Transplanting Embryonic Stem Cells Into The Eyes Of Patients With Macular Degeneration

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Stem cell therapy is an area of research that is fast developing.  This therapeutic method is slowly gaining traction.  Thousands of patients with debilitating or terminal diseases are eagerly waiting for introduction of successful stem cell therapeutic techniques.