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Glucose meters to be used for food, water and blood chemistry- new study

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Glucose meters can do more than just measuring blood glucose.  A new invention published in Nature Chemistry claims that glucose meters can be used for the quantitative detection of a broad range of target molecules in blood, water or food.

Geoneutrinos keep us warm? Measuring radioactive sources of Earth's heat

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What keeps the Earth cooking? Though the Earth has cooled since its formation,  the core of the Earth may be still as hot as 7000 K. The main source of Earth's internal heat is produced through decay of radiogenic isotopes, in particular radioisotopes of uranium, thorium and potassium. This process provides a continuing heat source in the Earth's interior.

Lead Poisoning Associated with Traditional Medicines

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It is not pleasant to discover that some medicines may contain poison.  Lead has been implicated in poisoning associated with lead containing paint, lead-contaminated dust in older buildings, and contaminated water and soil; but many people may not know that some medicines may also contain lead.

The virus that jumped from monkey to man: adenovirus infected humans from titi monkeys

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Like a chain reaction, 23 of the 65 titi monkeys housed in a building in California Primate Research Center came down with a severe infection and 19 died.  Three humans also fell sick. This deadly outbreak of fulminant pneumonia and hepatitis occurred in the closed colony of New World titi monkeys in May 2009.

Are energy drinks associated with binge drinking, alcohol-related social problems and misuse of prescription drugs among musicians?

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According to University of Buffalo researchers, frequent use of energy drinks is associated with binge drinking, alcohol-related social problems and misuse of prescription drugs among musicians.

Stress produces stem cells in the brain and absence of stress produces neurons-Experience Dictates Stem Cell Fate

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According to a new study peace of mind is key to the generation of new neurons and  stress leads to the generation of more neuronal progenitor cells, the neural stem cells. 

Artificial Leaf - a device that combines solar cell with catalyst to split water molecules and generate energy

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Artificial leaf, a an inexpensive and simple device to harness solar energy by splitting water molecules, has been accomplished by two separate teams of researchers at MIT.

Folic Acid Eating Mother Protects Children From Colon Cancer

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Can folic acid prevent cancer? Colon cancer usually catches up with age; you are at a higher risk if older than 60.  A new study shows that mothers who eat folic acid during pregancy and breast feeding can protect offsprings from colon cancer.