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The Health Consequence of Day Light Saving Time- Something We Never Think Of!

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Experts say extended evening light may boost Vitamin D level. If true this might be good for health!

According to a Reuters report "putting the clocks back in winter is bad for health, wastes energy and increases pollution, scientists say, and putting an end to the practice in northern areas could bring major health and environmental benefits."

A new creation story: Beyond religion and science -Deepak Chopra in SFGate

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Stephen Hawking made worldwide news with his sound bite about how the universe was created. Specifically, he said that a Creator is not needed to explain how the universe began.

Spiritual Science, Rational Morality: Rethinking the Divide Between Science and Religion

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The atheist Sam Harris has just lobbed a bombshell into the roiling debate over science and religion. In his new book The Moral Landscape, he argues for an entirely new understanding of morality, based not on religion but on new insights from science, especially brain science.

Women’s race and class impact contraception recommendations, UCSF study shows

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A woman’s race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status impact whether health care providers recommend one of the most highly effective forms of contraception, a UCSF study confirms. The results also indicate that the interaction of both factors plays a role in clinicians’ decisions.

Talk About Death to the Dying?

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It is obvious to all that anything that is born will die. But yet we are fearful of death. Sometimes death becomes inevitable due cancer or aging and we shy away from talking about it.