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Journal Impact Factor

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The impact factor for scientific journals is released around June every year by Thomson Reuters, the guru of scientific publication metrics. All science journal editors wait for the new impact factor every year and if you are a publishing scientist you might have seen emails from at least some of the journals bragging on the improved impact factor. 

350 million adults have diabetes: Study reveals global diabetes epidemic

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A new study published in Lancet shows that the number adults with diabetes in 2008 was more than double the number in 1980. According to the study the number of adults with diabetes reached 347 million in 2008, globally.

Adults Are Much Less Likely Than Children to Think Someone Should Be Punished

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Can your age influence your decisions? A new study says that people's moral responses to similar situations change as they age.  The researchers used a combination of brain scanning, eye-tracking and behavioral measures to understand how the brain responds to morally laden scenarios.

Eating Increases with Video Game Playing in Teens- A Cause for Teen Obesity?

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A new study shows that playing video game increases food intake in teens and suggests that this could be one reason for increasing obesity incidence seen in the teens.

Plastic Products Used by Children Leach Toxic Substances

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Five out of 13 plastic products intended for children leach toxic substances, and a third of all products tested also released toxic substances.  A study conducted by scientists at the University of Gothenburg reveals this disturbing news.

Music, Age and Hearing-Music training reduce impact of age-related hearing loss

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A number of studies suggest that musical training gives students learning advantages in the classroom. A recent study by a group of researchers at the Northwestern University finds that musical training can reduce the impact of age-related hearing loss in the older people.

The Diabetes Paradox: The Disease Of Civilization, The Misfortune Due To Comfort

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One hundred years of research and the ultimate synthesis of recombinant insulin have not done any good to the incidence of diabetes. Paradoxically, the occurrence of diabetes in different parts of the world is growing with ferocity.

Pep Rally for Young Scientists? Intel ISEF International Science Fair Begins

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We don’t conduct pep rallies for students going to science or math team competitions.  May be it is time to consider one!  1500 cream of the crop of high school students from around the world will compete at the Intel ISEF international science fair this week in Los Angeles California.