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Lead Poisoning Associated with Traditional Medicines

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It is not pleasant to discover that some medicines may contain poison.  Lead has been implicated in poisoning associated with lead containing paint, lead-contaminated dust in older buildings, and contaminated water and soil; but many people may not know that some medicines may also contain lead.

The virus that jumped from monkey to man: adenovirus infected humans from titi monkeys

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Like a chain reaction, 23 of the 65 titi monkeys housed in a building in California Primate Research Center came down with a severe infection and 19 died.  Three humans also fell sick. This deadly outbreak of fulminant pneumonia and hepatitis occurred in the closed colony of New World titi monkeys in May 2009.

Liars can't completely suppress facial expressions - A new report

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A new study reports that although liars can reduce facial actions when under scrutiny, they can't completely suppress them.  The lead author spent two decades studying the faces of people lying when in high-stakes situations and arrived at this conclusion, potentially valuable to security experts.

Aging and repeated injury do not prevent tissue regeneration - a study with newts

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Can repeated injury prevent regeneration of tissues?  A new study shows that age and repeated injury do not adversely influence tissue regeneration.  The studies were done in newt, a vertebrate species with extraordinary regenerative capacity.

Synthetic Windpipe Seeded With Stem Cells Successfully Transplanted in Tracheal Cancer Patient

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A synthetic windpipe, seeded with patient's own stem cells, was successfully transplanted in a patient with tracheal cancer by physicians in Sweden. According to the hospital, the transplanted patient was recovering without the use of immunosuppressive drugs.

Acid Reflux, What Is It?

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Acid reflex is caused when stomach acid enters the food pipe.  When we eat food, it goes through food pipe, also known as esophagus, and enters stomach. Stomach acid helps in digestion of the food.  When stomach contents, including stomach acid, leak  backwards into the food pipe, it causes acid reflux.

Why do wet fingers wrinkle? Pruney fingers give better grip with rain treads!

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Did you ever wonder why fingers get wrinkled when they are dipped in water for a while? A new study tells us that wrinkled fingers could be an adaptation to strengthen grip in wet conditions.

Sleep Switch: Induce Sleep By Remote Control And Consolidate Memory

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When did you sleep last night? How long did you sleep? Is it hard to wake up on Monday mornings? Instead of turning on an alarm clock, you may be able to turn on some cells, a sleep switch, in the brain to wake you up from that deep early morning sleep!