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What are Stem Cells? Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells

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A stem cell is an unspecialized cell that is not terminally differentiated and has the potential to acquire a more specialized function by differentiation. Stem cells may be classified based upon their stage of differentiation or their differentiation lineage. All terminally differentiated cells had their beginning in embryonic stem cell progenitors.

Children exposed to family violence show increased brain activity

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A new study shows that children exposed to family violence show the same pattern of activity in their brains as soldiers exposed to combat.

A New Population of Heart Stem Cells

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Researchers have discovered a new population of adult stem cells in the heart, which could augment the development of new regeneration and repair therapies for people who have suffered heart attack or heart failure, a leading cause of death.

Some People Can Hallucinate Colors At Will

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Scientists have found that some people have the ability to hallucinate colours at will – even without the help of hypnosis. The study focused on a group of people that had shown themselves to be ‘highly suggestible’ in hypnosis.

The study was published this week in the journal Consciousness and Cognition.

How Silkworms Beat Polymer Scientists - The Aquamelt Secret

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A new research shows us how silkworms beat materials scientists by spinning silk with minimum energy expenditure. Scientists demonstrate that natural silks are a thousand times more efficient than synthetic polymers when it comes to forming fibers. 

Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy At Risk? Geron Ends Clinical Trial

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Embryonic stem cell therapy took a wild twist last week, when one of the first and strongest players withdrew from an ongoing embryonic stem cell-based clinical trial.  After years of aggressive research and development in embryonic stem cell technology and treatment strategies, and initiating a clinical trial for spinal cord injury with fanfare, Geron, a Menlo Park, California company, de

Perception of Shades of Gray – Perceptual Challenges for the Brain

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Scientists have now provided new insight into how our brain perceives shades of gray. We are able to see in the starlight or in the bright sun, though the difference in illumination may be in multi-million folds.  The new research report explains how our brains deliver a perception of objects that is stable over this huge range of light that gets to our eyes.

Malaria drug resistance in humans and mosquitoes

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Researchers have detected contrasting patterns of drug resistance in malaria-causing parasites taken from both humans and mosquitoes in rural Zambia. Parasites found in human blood samples showed a high prevalence for pyrimethamine-resistance, which was consistent with the class of drugs widely used to treat malaria in the region.