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Human Liver Made in a Laboratory- Customize An Organ For Transplantation- May be Supersize it!

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If you have liver cirrhosis and do not have a matching liver for transplantation, how will you get one? You may be surprised to know that human liver of the size of walnut has been grown in laboratory by US scientists, which means that you can customize a transplantable liver! Oops, did you forget the barrier between Man and God?

The Search for Heaven Where He Resides

in technology, biology

In search of life we send probes far and wide in the universe and examine pictures of planets reachable by our telescopes. So far we have not identified extraterrestrial life anywhere for certainty.

A new creation story: Beyond religion and science -Deepak Chopra in SFGate

in biology, education

Stephen Hawking made worldwide news with his sound bite about how the universe was created. Specifically, he said that a Creator is not needed to explain how the universe began.

Exploring Oceanfloor Hydrothermal Vents- Geysers that Entice Astrobiologists

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Hydrothermal vents on the seafloors are thought to be possible sites for the origin of life on Earth.

Test Tube Baby Brings Nobel Prize in Medicine

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The Nobel Prize for Mediciine for 2010 has been awarded to the scientist who invented invitro fertilization (IVF).