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Siblings play key role in child development-University of Queensland

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Children with autism have difficulties in social interaction. The good news is that siblings may be able to help autistic children. University of Queensland  researchers are exploring the influence siblings may have on the social behaviour of autistic children. 

Drug-Resistant Bacteria In Meat And Poultry From Grocery Stores in US- TGen Study

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It is scary to find drug-resistant bacteria in the grocery store meat.  But, that is exactly what was found in a recent study drug-resitant bacteria in meat and poultry. 

Are Creative People Eccentric? Not All Eccentric Must Be Creative, Or Atleast Don't Act Eccentric To Look Creative!- Reddit Hot

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According to a new article in Scientific American, highly creative people often seem weirder than the rest of us. The article was titled "The Unleashed Mind: Why Creative People Are Eccentric." The article got posted on reddit and attracted over  comments in 10 hours.

Bringing Light to Born Blind-Project Prakash Answers William Molyneux Question

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If a person born blind gets his eyesight restored in the adulthood will he be able to immediately visually distinguish between objects that he could previously identify by touch?  The studies of Dr Pawan Sinha at MIT, who leads the Project Prakash, does not have an affirmative answer. 

Stem cells make 'retina in a dish'- Retina made from mouse cells in Japan

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A complex biological tissue, retina, was created in a laboratory dish by scientists in Japan.  This may be the first step towards treatments for human eye diseases, including some forms of blindness.

An Artificial Leaf To Meet Your Energy Need- A New MIT Invention.

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Heard about creating an artificial leaf? That can be a revolution and you might think this would solve the food problem.   Wrong, this artifical leaf will generate electricity using sun' energy and some inexpensive components.

Haunting Past- Japan To Excavate World War II BioWarfare Unit- The Grisly Grave

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Apparently historians and study participants have documented that a unit at a former Japanese medical school conducted experiments on war prisoners.  The government have never acknowledged this, according to Associated Press.

Being Short Not That Bad- Are Very Short People Protected From Diabetes And Cancer?

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This week Science Translational Medicine published provocative results from an Eucador study that people who are genetically short may be protected from diabetes and cancer.  These patients had a genetic mutation that would not allow them to grow more than 4 feet tall -- their heights would be fixed to that of a 7-year-old for life.