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Sun, 10/01/2017 - 21:33

Hi writedit:
Finally, I talked to PO. It seems that he was try to push my application for funding. Now, he is suggestng to submit it again for new open RFA as a R01 proposal (one month later). However, upon my request to cut funds and time, he said that he will see what can be done. What do you think about that? As my grant has outstanding score, is it possible to ask some other institutes for funding?
I really appreciate your suggestions and based on my experience, I can say that you are really a big support system for newbies.

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By: Matt

Sat, 09/30/2017 - 13:43

Hi Writedit and SaG,

Thank you for your insights, which I followed and proceeded. Unfortunately, I was told by Dr. C (the intramural scientist that replaced Dr. B who left for industry) two days ago that he thought the commitment made by Dr. B was excessive. Dr. B did commit some tech time in addition to his own time. While Dr. C did not say outright that he will not honor Dr. B’s commitment to the project, he has asked for a teleconference among the PO, himself, the representatives of his institute and my university to discuss this further. Moreover, he has already alerted the PO about his cocerns before even speaking to me and the University!

So how should I approach this now? Will all these torpedo my grant award? How will a PO normally approach this kind of issue?

I have spoken to my boss, and he told me that in the worst case scenario, we can find someone who is qualified to do the work proposed for the NIH intramural scientists here at our university. My department will pay for the additional expenses if it cannot be covered by the current grant budget. (please do understand that the costs incurred by the intramural scientists are covered by their intramural budget, so they were not included in the grant budget. That being said, the amount is not astronomical either,) Should we let the PO know about this at the teleconference or will this create more problems?

As for the specific questions asked by SaG above, yes, Drs. A & B were listed as key personnel (unfortunately). You are right, I did not mean to take Dr. B out as he will remain as a non-paid consultant. So technically, there is no change in key personnel. But as far as the intramural institute is concerned, Dr. C was assigned to replace Dr. B, do I have to report this addition to the PO, right? I was merely following the advice from my own grant management officials at the University.

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