Vibrate More for More Bone Density

One way to increase bone density is to do weight bearing exercise. Walking and running are considered to be weight bearing exercise and can be performed without spending money in the gym. How may of us do it though. Bone density loss may be critical in women after child bearing age and also for some men with low bone density.

The Search for Heaven Where He Resides

in technology, biology

In search of life we send probes far and wide in the universe and examine pictures of planets reachable by our telescopes. So far we have not identified extraterrestrial life anywhere for certainty.

Who uses Twitter? Twitter aims to reach 1 billion users!

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DigitalTrends reports that Twitter aims to reach 1 billion users. Twitter started as a powerful tool replacing email and is still a powerful tool used by many. But for an average guy who follows couple of hundred people, his inbox will be cluttered.